The Substance Use Spectrum

Cannabis and other drugs such as alcohol and tobacco are psychoactive substances which, when taken into the body, alter mental processes such as cognition.[1] Psychoactive substance use falls on a spectrum. Movement along the spectrum is not necessarily linear; that is, a person may use substances differently at different points in their life. It is […]

Phase II | Aylwin’s rooming house

General description All units are accredited for the Rent Supplement Program operated by the Municipal Housing Office. People with low incomes can receive this assistance which limits their contribution to the rent to 25% of their income. Acquisition date: December 5, 2012 Renovation: March 1, 2013 to October 30, 2014 Date of activation: November 1st 2014 […]

Toxicomanie et santé mentale

Les problèmes graves de santé mentale sans suivi représentent une limite à l’admission dans le programme de traitement des dépendances du centre de Terrebonne. En effet, notre communauté thérapeutique ne dispose pas des ressources nécessaires pour assurer le suivi en interne de ces personnes qui sont donc référées vers des ressources spécialisées. En revanche, si ces personnes sont stabilisées et […]

Phase III | Viger studios

Viger (VIG | ACL-5515) Address : 901 Viger est | Montréal (Québec) | H2L 0J3 Ville-Marie borough Acquisition date : 09-août-19 25 studios including 5 adapted studios, equipped with a bed and fixed furniture with storage space, kitchen as well as community areas in the building. Vilavi announces the launching of its « Phase III » building […]


Stimulating internship opportunities! Anyone interested should make a written request by sending a letter of motivation and a curriculum vitae to the following address: The person in charge of the internship will then take contact to have additional details on the request. Vilavi offers stimulating internships where students can gain work experience. The organization […]

The Vilavi-Terrebonne rehab center

1600 Côte de Terrebonne | Terrebonne | Québec, J6Y 1G8 The Terrebonne center is located 45 min from downtown Montreal. It is situated in beautiful surroundings on the shore of the Thousand Island River, surrounded by a forest. Because of its tranquil character, the centre provides the residents with an ideal environment for a successful […]