Stimulating internship opportunities!

Anyone interested should make a written request by sending a letter of motivation and a curriculum vitae to the following address: The person in charge of the internship will then take contact to have additional details on the request.

Vilavi offers stimulating internships where students can gain work experience. The organization focuses on providing long-term internships (250 hours and more). These internships expose students to the clinical practices implemented in the addiction treatment center. Students actively participate in the interventions; they are in direct contact with the residents. A series of internal trainings and meetings help to consolidate professional skills.

Supervision and Evaluation: The internship provides supervision and evaluation in order to offer the trainee the best means to carry out his / her work. Intern opinion will be taken into consideration and she/he will be actively involved in the decisions regarding her/his plan. These exchanges will allow the necessary adjustments during the internship, according to the skills and competencies that the trainee will have developed or difficulties that she/he will encounter.

Limitations: No clinical decision can be made by the trainee. No individual interviews can be done by the trainee. Listening and helping others are mainly recommended.

31 trainees were welcomed in 2019: 14 medicine student, 6 certificate in addiction, 3 nursing, 1 psychoeducation, 1 police techniques, 1 accounting, 1 special education, 3 students in international internships.

Procedure for an International internship Request

Anyone interested should make a written request by sending a motivation letter and a curriculum vitae to the following address:

  1. The internship coordinator communicates by email to confirm whether the request will be considered or not.
  2. A Skype interview date is set to confirm Vilavi’s ability to support the intern’s project.
  3. A check-list of the steps to be taken, such as temporary immigration procedures, is sent by email to the candidate.
  4. Applicant Sends Confirmation of Canada Immigration Acceptance
    (Caution: Vilavi can not guarantee acceptance by Canadian Immigration, nor even admission to Canadian territory which is the sole responsibility of the immigration officer at the point of entry).
  5. The candidate e-mails the internship objectives to the internship coordinator who integrates these objectives into a Vilavi internship model. The internship coordinator and the candidate agree on the content of the internship and the adaptations to be made according to the student’s academic objectives.
  6. The candidate proposes start and end of internship dates that he submits by email to the internship coordinator. A confirmation is sent by return email with the housing agreement if applicable.
  7. If applicable, the candidate reads and agrees the rules for the accommodation of the trainees and the financial contribution. The signed document is returned to the person in charge by email.
  8. The candidate is then able to take a plane ticket to get to Montreal-Trudeau Airport (YUL Code), confirm it by email.
  9. The day before the flight, the candidate sends a confirmation of his arrival time.
  10. The internship coordinator confirms by email the transport by a Vilavi staff if possible or the need to take a taxi.

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