1600 Côte de Terrebonne | Terrebonne | Québec, J6Y 1G8

The Terrebonne center is located 45 min from downtown Montreal.
It is situated in beautiful surroundings on the shore of the Thousand Island River, surrounded by a forest. Because of its tranquil character, the centre provides the residents with an ideal environment for a successful treatment process.
Exercises have an important place in the program. Indoor and outdoor activities are available to the residents including hiking, volleyball, soccer, ping-pong, exercise room and more. In addition, Vilavi’s regional integration allows for regular and enriching exchanges with the community.


In 2006, the organization concretized its intention to relocate its treatment center by acquiring the property of 1600 Côte de Terrebonne. Since 1989, its Nominingue center in the Laurentians has welcomed hundreds of people from a rehabilitation perspective in a context of traditional therapeutic community (TC). However, as the industry’s expectations changed, Vilavi adopted the modernized TC model that included, among other things, specific objectives and means, supported by a professional team. These new parameters called for a treatment offer that needed to be close to the metropolis for both issues related to the reintegration of individuals and issues related to the recruitment of qualified counsellors.