Procedure for an international admission request
Foreign people can be admitted to our program, the procedure is as follows:

  1. The interested party should contact the admissions worker at + 1-514-875-7013#1241 to make a brief assessment of the application (Monday to Friday office hours | UTC -05: 00)
  2. If an additional evaluation is necessary, the worker can make a second paid appointment or request that an evaluation by a local professional be sent by email to Vilavi.
  3. Admission fees (110$) and the treatment 1st month fees ($ 92 per day) must be completed by electronic payment (a specific email is sent) before initiating any process relating to the trip;
  4. If an admission is accepted, an admission date is agreed;
  5. The interested party must then take a plane ticket with a return date as well as travel insurance and send a copy by email
  6. Vilavi will then send an invitation letter for the immigration officer upon arrival in Canada.
    (PLEASE NOTE: The decision to admit in Canada is the sole responsibility of the immigration officer, Vilavi cannot guarantee entry in Canada)
  7. Vilavi pick-up participants at Montreal Airport (YUL)
  8. Payment for subsequent months must be completed no later than the first day of the month by electronic payment (Please note that any paid and unused day will be refunded to the payee).