Vilavi Canada manages housing resources for people with specific issues. This expertise, recognized by the organization’s partners, made it possible to build and run a residential center suitable for the housing of six young people and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or a intellectual disability with severe behavioral disorders. Since 2016, young beneficiaries living in the project can flourish and develop in a secure and enriching context. The project is being conducted as part of an agreement between Vilavi and the Integrated Health and Social Services Center of Lanaudière (CISSSL) in an innovative model of collaboration between the public network and a non-profit social economy enterprise.


On November 15, 2016, the official inauguration of the unit was attended by many guests, including the Minister Responsible for Rehabilitation, Youth Protection, Public Health and Healthy Habits of Quebec.

Added value

With this project, Vilavi adds value to the working model developed by experts in a social and community development issue. In fact, supporting the specialized rehabilitation services provided by the CISSSL, the Vilavi-TSA unit offers a living environment that includes lodging, boarding, general services and special and supportive services, ystematic observation and application of clinical programming. To do this, Vilavi deploys a team of around twenty employees to guarantee – 24 hours a day and every day of the year – a living environment adapted to the needs and lifestyle of the users as well as a security to physical and social plan in a new 650 square meters built to measure.

The Vilavi-TSA unit