By Bruno Ferrari, Executive director

Maximum occupancy rates

In a context of lively public debate around legalization, Supervised Injection Sites, the opioid crisis and the necessary investments in social housing, the relevance Vilavi’s projects is reinforced and a sense of emergency is visible for the achievement of our strategic objectives.

With over 30,000 overnight stays per year for all our projects for more than three years (88% overall occupancy rate, 100% for accommodation specialized in TSA and over 95% for social housing), the relevance was not really at stake and our activities is showing a reliability which is ground for a vision of social development and organizational growth.

The upgrading of the Terrebonne treatment center infrastructure is completed thanks to the support of the Government of Quebec’s Collective Entrepreneurship Capital Program (PIEC) and the trust and support of our financial partners, the Caisse d’Économie Solidaire and Investissement Québec. The replacement of the thermal envelope, including the insulation, windows, cladding and roof, makes it possible to sustain the facilities of the Terrebonne center in the long term.

Thank you to our members, our collaborators and the many partners of Vilavi for their trust and their constant support.

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In the spring of 2019, the organization decided to deploy its projects under a banner that evokes its values ​​of compassion, dynamism and resolution in order to better reflect the impact of its programs on the underprivileged and contribute to social development with a renewed modernism.