Brigitte arrived at Dianova's social housing project in 2012 in downtown Montreal. Referred by Old Brewery Mission, she had come to live three long years homeless in the downtown area. She had hoped to find a dignified and safe home. After having regained a certain peace-of-mind and a sense of well-being, Brigitte re-established contact with her family whom she couldn't wait to see again, especially her son who lived far from the city.

Brigitte's health has been affected by her years wandering and she has had more and more difficulty finding the energy to go about daily activities.

The 17 October she had spoken with neighbour, and had told them that she felt particularly tired. On the way back from a run, her neighbour hung their publisac on his room's door, as he usually did. By friday the publisac still hanging on their door, her neighbour advised us of their concern for Brigitte's health. Her death was pronounced the same day.

Brigitte et son fils lors de leurs retrouvailles

Brigitte died at the age of 64, peacefully, in her apartment, her home. The Dianova team would like to honour her memory and give their condolences to her family.