In the spring of 2019, the organisation decided to execute its projects under an identity that evokes its values of benevolence, dynamism and solution-focus in order to better reflect the impact of the programs on at-risk populations and to contribute towards social progress with a renewed, modernism.

In order to do so, a creative process was established in collaboration with the society Synesia, specialised in brand creation, in order to identify the personality and the deep values that are at the origin of the mission and the activities engaged by the organisation for 30 years.

Concluding the process, the name VILAVI was adopted to express its purpose: to support at-risk populations and offer prospects based on their skills and their autonomy.

Vilavi exprime avant tout la valeur de bienveillance, c’est un nom doux et accueillant.

The chosen name is a neologism, and derives from the French phrase "living life". It expresses lightness, vitality and enthusiasm, but also engagement and protection. The 3 syllables whose pronunciation is easy in the majority of Western languages offers soft, fluid and light sounds.

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