Vilavi offers social housing in rooming houses whose tenants must be subsidized and therefore eligible for the Rent Supplement Program (PSL).

How to apply for housing?

Criteria’s for admission to the PSL are as follows:

  • Have an annual income of less than $30 000 (ref. 2021)
  • Submit your provincial income tax report for the previous year or be in the process to receiving it
  • Have proof of residence/presence on the Montreal territory during the last 12 months (ex: letter from the welfare office, lease, invoice, letter from an organization).
  • All tenants must accept building regulation, including a no consumption of drugs or alcohol in and around the building policy.

Rent will be capped to 25% of the person's previous year's income + $20 for Videotron cable (mandatory).

To make an appointment, please complete the following form and send it to
Object "housing request".
Application form