Begin therapy: 514-875-7013

Toll-free: 1 877 528-5541 : 1 877 528 5541

If you are interested in our addiction treatment program, or if you would like more information on the program for you or someone else you know, the first step is to call us.

In order to respond to your needs or those of your loved ones, an appointment will be arranged at our admissions center in Montreal or Terrebonne. Terrebonne.

The Terrebonne center hosts 38 people, men and women, in individual rooms.

Pre-admission assessment

Over the course of the appointment, one of our intervention specialists will proceed with an assessment of the request by way of personal interview. This interview will allow them to evaluate the needs of the individual and their profile, in order to direct them to the appropriate center, be it Vilavi or another. Over the course of the second meeting (with an assessment fee of $110), the administrative process is completed and the admission request is then subjected to the approval of center management. If it is approved and there is available space, the admission request may be complete in the following week.


The treatment fees are 92 dollars per day however certain local measures may have Vilavi consider the requests of low-income individuals. All requests must be submitted to the admissions officer responsible for assessing each case before authorising admission into community therapy.

The daily package includes the following benefits:


  • Chambre privée
  • 3 repas par jour
  • 2 pauses collation
  • Logement et blanchissage
  • Assurance responsabilité civile


  • Evaluation de la demande,
  • Elaboration du plan d’intervention,
  • Un suivi individuel avec un intervenant,
  • Participation aux différents ateliers proposés,
  • Les déplacements liés à l’application du programme


  • Accès à un téléphone public selon des horaires définis
  • Accès à l’Internet et courrier électronique.
  • Communications des intervenants avec les personnes ressource (tuteurs, famille, avocats, agent de probation, intervenants)

Démarches ou documents requis avant l’admission:

  • Documents d’identité,
  • Livret de banque à jour et formulaire de cessation d’emploi si une demande d’aide sociale est envisagée;
  • Visite médicale