Viger (VIG | ACL-5515)
Address : 901 Viger est | Montréal (Québec) | H2L 0J3
Ville-Marie borough
Acquisition date : 09-août-19
25 studios including 5 adapted studios, equipped with a bed and fixed furniture with storage space, kitchen as well as community areas in the building.

Vilavi announces the launching of its “Phase III” building construction intended to increase the number of social housing units with community support in Montreal and thus contribute to the reduction of poverty, poor housing and homelessness in the city center. The new construction project is part of the AccèsLogis program; a program jointly funded by the Société d’habitation du Québec and the City of Montreal.

“This project is a good example of the actions taken by the City to create development opportunities, but also to develop living, mixed and friendly neighborhoods,” said Robert Beaudry (See Metro newspaper article).

The building will offer 25 subsidized housing units in the Ville-Marie borough at the corner of Viger and Saint-André streets in the fall of 2020.

Supporting Montreal’s inclusion strategy

With this project, the organization is participating in the City of Montreal’s inclusion strategy, which aims to:

  • Maintaining social diversity by encouraging the development, in large sites, of a diversified range of housing to meet the needs of citizens with varied incomes, thus favoring the creation of mixed and inclusive communities;
  • Supporting the production of affordable housing by facilitating the development of social and community housing and stimulating the production of affordable, private housing.

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