Friday, October 4th – the organization celebrated its thirtieth anniversary at the Terrebonne Addiction Treatment Center. On this occasion the President of the Council, Mr. Gilles Beauregard and the team thanked the many partners and donors for their support and constant availability. More than thirty guests were able to visit the site and meet people involved in the organization’s programs.

The Mayor of Terrebonne, Mr. Marc-André Plante, for his part, expressed the importance of community action and his appreciation of the project « that can be felt as soon as the ‘we arrive in the property’. (video). Jonathan, a user who finished his program the same day, for his part delivered a touching testimony, insisting on the quality of the treatment program that allowed him « to be the author of his own life project and to get back in touch with his children. »

Mr. Bruno Ferrari, General Manager, finally spoke about several projects under consideration for the next 12 months, including the construction starting early October of a 25 units building dedicated to social housing in Montreal, the launch of an infrastructure upgrade (phase III) in Terrebonne and the change of name of the organization: « Dianova becomes Vilavi, » he explains, « this change will allow the organization to deploy its projects under a banner that evokes its values of compromise, dynamism and creative solutions that promise to increase the impact of programs on the underprivileged people and to contribute to social development with renewed modernism.

The TSA unit, launched in 2016. An added value to the working model developed by experts in a social and community development issue.

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