I had a break down because I lost my wife. I turned to the drugs and alcohol to make me feel better but it only made things worse. I was lonely and by myself. I was too generous and had a hard time saying no. I had problems dealing with my anger and the law.

I knew I was better than that and I could do better things with my life so I decided to come to Vilavi. I found my inner peace, not to judge people, to listen to others and be more attentive. I learn to control my anger within me by taking a step back and not overreacting with anger and violence. I think before I act. I learned to stay away from triggers, such as bars and negative influences and escorts. I accept life more and accept my sobriety and my progress. I learn to be responsible and organize. I have learn a new way of life, take it easy one day at the time, accept life as it is, be free and happy. I learn to live in a community and improve my social skills.

I’m more relaxed and learned to accept life on life’s terms. I changed my inner anger into happiness and peacefulness. I work harder and I have more motivation towards my future. I’m able to make better decisions.

I practiced being more patient by not attacking someone before listening to them. I practiced accepting things for what they are in order to have inner peace and happiness. I practiced identifying and expressing my emotions and inner feelings with others in and out of the workshops.

I will plan my first four weeks outside of Vilavi. Organize my property and my furniture and housing. Contact my boss for work. Reconnect with positive friends. Follow a healthy path.

Follow my reinsertion letter and care plan objective.

Fred. (Pseudo)