« In Quebec, 55,000 housing units are owned or administered by more than 1,200 non profit organizations. These housing units, spread across approximately 2,600 housing estates or projects, represent a major component of the social housing offer in Quebec. The social vocation of These organizations make them an essential unit not only in terms of affordable housing, but also in the fight against poverty. A non-negligible proportion of these organizations also offer essential services, such as community support, support in the fight against homelessness, provides the majority of services for women victims of violence, offers personal assistance services or health care, etc. «
(RQOH, Survey on the economic characteristics of housing NPOs, 2021 – See the full document – French only)

In order to contribute to the implementation of solutions adapted to the needs of people experiencing episodic or chronic homelessness in the Montreal area, Vilavi has developed a specific offer in terms of housing with community support.

Vilavi commitment to offering housing for unprivileged people in several housing residences in downtown Montreal is supported by facts that demonstrate for this type of project a clear, strong effect to increasing their quality of life.

To better meet the needs of homeless people or at risk of homelessness and offer them additional services in housing with community support, Vilavi decided in November 2007 to create a Quebec charter to develop in a more specific way this aspect of his work. Vilavi Quebec was incorporated on January 11, 2008 under the Quebec Companies Act, Part III (L.R.Q., chapter C-38, section 218).

On March 12, 2008, Vilavi’s Board of Directors signed an agreement with Service Canada, as part of the Homelessness Partnering Initiative, to proceed with the acquisition of a rooming house and operate in a perspective of support for vulnerable people.

On March 28, the Société d’habitation du Québec (SHQ) and the City of Montreal confirmed their participation in the project to renovate the building and operate it under the « Accès Logis » program. Thanks to this complementary agreement, the 20 rooms will be administered as social housing, subsidized to guarantee a rent corresponding to 25% of the tenants’ income.

To date, Vilavi offers 100 housing units with complementary community support services in social housing.

To carry out these projects, Vilavi calls on the following partners: Atelier Habitation Montréal (Technical Resources Group, non-profit organization, in charge of design), Société Habitation du Québec (Public body in charge of bank guarantees and subsidies), Le Integrated University Center for Health and Social Services of the South-Center of Île-de-Montréal (Community Support Funding), Caisse d’économie solidaire and National Bank (private funding partners), Montreal Municipal Office of Housing (Public body, operating partner). The natural partnership with the network of community organizations allows recruitment activities to be carried out.