Covid-19: pressure on treatment centers

Vilavi’s services are set as essential services but the pressure is increasing on the intervention teams. Like a over eighty addiction treatment centers in Quebec *, the Vilavi center, located in the Terrebonne area, must face complex questions regarding the Covid-19 pandemic: should services be maintained? If so, under what conditions? Is it possible to […]

Drug Awareness Chart

The Drug Awareness Chart produced by the RCMP Organized Crime Awareness Service  is a reference tool on today’s most common substances and new trends. The purpose of this Chart is to inform our partners and the public about the main substances used with their effects and consequences, various consumption methods, visible signs and symptoms, legal […]

The Substance Use Spectrum

Cannabis and other drugs such as alcohol and tobacco are psychoactive substances which, when taken into the body, alter mental processes such as cognition.[1] Psychoactive substance use falls on a spectrum. Movement along the spectrum is not necessarily linear; that is, a person may use substances differently at different points in their life. It is […]

The Terrebonne Center

The Terrebonne center is located 45 min from downtown Montreal. It is situated in beautiful surroundings on the shore of the Thousand Island River, surrounded by a forest. Because of its tranquil character, the centre provides the residents with an ideal environment for a successful treatment process. Exercises have an important place in the program. […]